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In Sicily 618 new Covid positives ascertained in 24 hours, +234 in the Catania area

Drafting 13 September 2021 17:45

Share There are 618 new Coronavirus positives ascertained in Sicily in the last 24 hours, compared to 12,307 swabs analyzed (5% positivity rate, down 0.5% compared to yesterday). According to the report of the Ministry of Health, the island remains the Italian region with the greatest increase and also with the highest number of hospitalized. The confirmation of these not-so-positive records comes on the day when Minister Roberto Speranza signed the extension of the yellow zone for another two weeks. Today the hospitalized with Covid symptoms in the ordinary wards are 792 (yesterday 786) while in intensive care there are 103 patients (yesterday 106) and there are seven new entrants in the critical area. Overall, therefore, in the hospital there are 895 positive for the virus (yesterday 892). There are 25..119 citizens in home isolation (yesterday 25,298) and therefore the total of the current positives is 26,014 (yesterday 26,190). 786 were declared cured, thus reaching 256,730 since the beginning of the pandemic. The victims reported in today’s report are 8, for a total of 6,585. Catania is the province where there is the greatest increase in cases in the 24 hours 234. Palermo follows with 176; Caltanissetta 53; Syracuse 46; Ragusa 40; Trapani 37; Agrigento 13; Enna 13; Messina 6. Yellow zone extended Sicily remains “yellow” for another two weeks. The new ordinance “Urgent measures to contain and manage the health emergency in the Sicily Region” of the Ministry of Health, dated 10 September and published on the website of the same department, provides for this. (The full article) The trend of infections in Sicily Covid grants a respite: all parameters – from the number of new cases to hospitalizations – are down compared to the previous week. This is evident from the usual Monday report prepared by the Statistics Office of the Municipality, which discloses the data relating to the progress of the pandemic in Sicily in the week 6-12 September and released yesterday by the Civil Protection Department. (The full article) The situation in Italy In Italy there are 2,800 new cases (out of 120,045 molecular and antigenic swabs) and 36 deaths. The positivity rate today is 2.3%. A total of 563 people are hospitalized in intensive care, 4 since yesterday. There are 4,186 healed. Currently positive: 125,904 Deaths: 129,955 ( 36) Discharged / healed: 4,353,346 ( 4,186) Admitted to the medical area: 4,200 ( 87) Admitted to intensive care: 563 ( 4 ) Buffers: 87.573.881 ( 120.045) Total cases: 4.609.205 ( 2.800, 0.06%)