“In Sicily 50% of patients are treated in another region” – LiveUnict

At least half of Sicilian patients decide to seek treatment in other regions: the reasons and consequences according to Giovanni Merlino, vice president of the Palermo Medical Association.

The webinar, entitled “Health migration and cancer-spending, estimates and socio-economic hardships“, Which was held recently featured the vice president of the Order of Doctors of Palermo Giovanni Merlino.

According to the figures he reported, every year in Sicily, the 50 percent of patients choose another region for treatment: this generates a debt of 230 million euros borne by the regional health system and by families.

“Si keep debating about health emigration as if it were still just a cultural problem, pretending not to know that the distrust of the Sicilians today has a foundation – said Merlin -. Structural and infrastructural deficiencies of hospitals, a health policy focused on the mere construction of structures completely devoid of guesthouses and accommodation facilities to accommodate relatives who care for the sick.

For a patient and family members of a small center – concludes – it is much more convenient, cheaper and more comfortable to go to other regions to escape the inconvenience of a hospitalization in Catania or Palermo, where there are no ancillary facilities“.

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