In Ragusa, the fortnight in honor of the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel

The fortnight began in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Monte Carmelo at the homonymous sanctuary in Ragusa erected in Piazza Carmine. Intense moments of spirituality were those that characterized the first phase of the celebrations in the days dedicated respectively to Mary the virgin mother and spiritual teacher (Thursday) and the virgin Mary and mediator of Grace (yesterday). Among the most significant moments scheduled for today, however, the Eucharistic adoration at 5.30 pm in preparation for the ordination of the bishop of Ragusa, Msgr. Giuseppe La Placa, while tomorrow, at 6.30 pm, there will be Holy Mass presided over by Father Vincenzo Di Stefano ocd with the participation of the Friends of God group and the volunteers of the Arca Nostra association who will collect basic foodstuffs to be donated to Caritas of the sanctuary. Monday continues with the day dedicated to the Virgin Mary of the Lord. At 6 pm the recitation of the joys to the Madonna del Carmine and the singing of the litanies of Loreto, at 6.30 pm the holy mass presided over by Don Filippo Bella with the participation of the parish community of Maria Santissima Nunziata of Ragusa. At 8.30 pm, the recitation of the Holy Rosary animated by the Friends of God group. Tuesday 6 will be the day in honor of Saint Maria Goretti, virgin and martyr. At 6.30 pm the Holy Mass will be presided over by Don Mauro Nicosia, with the participation of the parish community of San Paolo di Ragusa. The recitation of the Rosary by the community of the sanctuary will conclude the rites of the day.

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