In Palermo, young cancer patients are also treated with horses

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PALERMO – From this morning the Equestrian Center of the Favorita, in Palermo, will welcome about fifteen children and teenagers affected by cancer for a hippotherapy project, promoted by Samot and which will carry on the team of the “Cavallo Amico” association, coordinated by president Isabella Alioto, with the collaboration of Fausta Mantovano, federal equestrian sports technician.

Activities take place every morning until November.
Participants will have the opportunity to look after the horses in the stable, feed them hay, wash them, brush them and saddle them.
They will also learn to mount and manage them at the three gaits: walk, trot and gallop.

“The project currently involves young patients up to the age of 12 – explains Alioto – but slightly older participants could also arrive.
We can host children up to 18 years of age.
The goal is to be able to give a little joy and normality to cancer patients through the horses Morena and Pallina but also to introduce them to horse riding in order to play sports in the open air and in contact with sensitive animals such as horses.
Anyone wishing to participate – concludes Alioto – can contact Samot ”.

The Cavallo Amico association in the equestrian center also manages another hippotherapy project aimed at children with autism or motor disabilities.

News from Sicily 2022-06-20 19:37:00

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