In Palermo, the Region took stock of schools and universities

The first edition of the “Regional Conference for Education, Schools, Universities and Vocational Training in Sicily”, promoted by the Region with the support of the European Social Fund, ended in Palermo.

The two days, wanted by the Musumeci government and organized by the Department of Education and Vocational Training, was attended by a large representation of students and teachers from the world of Sicilian and national schools and universities, but also experts in the sector who met on various topics: from primary school to on-the-job training, from inclusion policies to international mobility, from the ITS system to research enhancement, from the dual system to business creation and start-ups.

Starting from the current state of the school and university system and from the analysis of the critical issues, proposals have been made and objectives have been set for the future, aiming at a new vision of educational models that goes hand in hand with Europe, with priorities intervention and community quality standards.

«The event – underlined the commissioner Roberto Lagalla – represented a precious moment of sharing, collecting proposals and ideas from the many actors of the complex educational system of the Region. Now I expect the strengthening of a pact with society, with young people and families. We must give voice and protagonism back to all the players in the world of education “.

After the first day of work, hosted in the Sala d’Ercole of Palazzo dei Normanni, which saw the participation of the Minister of University and Research, Maria Cristina Messa, the regional conference continued in the Great Hall of the Department of Economic Sciences, business and statistics in Viale delle Scienze with interventions by experts and talks moderated by journalists.

The suggestions and reflections that emerged were launched by the protagonists of the places of study and training: the desire to introduce today’s works to Amel Chaouch, a student of Tunisian origins at the Cassarà linguistic high school in Palermo, goes precisely in this direction. an incipit in several languages, he read a letter to the world of education in which his hopes, fears but also dreams emerge, such as that of becoming an interpreter for the European Commission.

Fight against educational poverty, promotion of the right to study, overcoming territorial gaps, internationalization and interconnection with the world of work: these are some of the issues addressed by the speakers who were also confronted in several thematic working groups that took place at the same time, dedicated to the internationalization of the education system in Sicily, to on-the-job training, to the dual system and to the creation of businesses and start-ups, to ITS, the Sicilian higher technical institutes, but also to access to the University, between the right to study and policies to combat educational poverty and inequalities, international mobility and the enhancement of human capital, research, innovation and development in the area and many others.

Particular attention was given to the future of post-Covid education and to the opportunities and resources offered by the NRP which, if properly used, will make the path that the sector is called to face. The Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, intervened remotely to close the work of the Conference.

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