In Palermo the Corleone Bridge reopens entirely. Gelarda: “But the limit of 30 per hour remains”

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«Since last night the Corleone bridge has completely reopened, also towards Catania.
A bridge that symbolizes the managerial inability of the Orlando administration ».
This is what was declared by the municipal councilor of Palermo, Igor Gelarda, of the Lega, who adds: «We witnessed the ballet of competences first, then at the closing and then at the reopening.
The truth is that the structure, built in the 1960s, has never had any maintenance.
In 2005 there was already a first alarm and a limitation with 11 tons per axle and a maximum speed of 30 km / h.
An alarm bell remained a dead letter.
Until 2018 when, following a controversy raised in the courtroom, the municipal administration, led by Orlando, together with the then councilor Arcuri, declared that the bridge was “relatively safe”.
Sure, up to a certain point because the Municipality imposed a limit of 30 km / h.
And it also requires speed control with the positioning of speed cameras: at first occasionally, since last August with a fixed location ».

«The technical report, drawn up by Icaro Progetti and carried out with coring of the structure, denies the theses of the Municipality and indeed – continues Gelarda -, invites us to move the limit from 30 to 50 km / h.
And so, besides the damage of a lacking structure for the city of Palermo, the mockery of an unnecessary speed limit.
In the meantime, how many minutes have been raised to the Palermitans? How many sanctions have been notified without really needing them? How many motorists have been forced to pay an unfair penalty? Now it would be right for the Municipality to return these sums, the result of wrong indications and even more wrong choices.
In the end, it is the Palermitans who get involved as usual », concludes Gelarda.

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