In Palermo, the cork of viale Regione, Lagalla, skips: “Other construction sites, Papireto and Corleone bridge”

Completed the maintenance work of the Passo di Rigano and Mortillaro canals in Palermo, the section of the roadway of viale Regione in the direction of Trapani has been reopened, at the height of via Principe di Paternò .

“We were on the ring road to return this segment of the road to the city – comments Mayor Roberto Lagalla in this video -. It is clear that there is no particular rejoicing in the restoration of a normal condition, after almost two years of suffering for the citizens. Certainly, our administration has followed and accelerated the final part of this construction site which, also thanks to the intervention of the Sicilian Region, has been possible to remove, resuming the works, which had been suspended for too long, from the uncertain final. This last phase of the works, in fact, was expected to end around 10 September and at least we managed to reopen the road by the end of August and well in advance with the reopening of the schools “. Lagalla this morning was in viale Regione together with the councilor for public works Salvatore Orlando and the deputy mayor Carolina Varchi.

But the road network in Palermo also has other emergencies to deal with, as the mayor himself underlined: «Now let’s think about removing the other construction sites blocking the city. Councilor Orlando is very present and active on this front and in these days we are facing the Papireto block with the commissioner for hydrogeological instability Maurizio Croce. Another theme – adds the mayor – concerns the works on the Corleone bridge. The Municipality is following the preliminary investigation because the previous administration had not even concluded the agreement with Anas, which we will finalize in the first days of September, so that Anas can carry out the consolidation works at the base of the bridge, at the end of which the two lanes can already be restored according to normal traffic dynamics ».

The former municipal councilor Igor Gelarda also intervenes on the reopening of the roadway: “It was really bad to see the political catwalk at the reopening, after two years, of Viale Regione Siciliana at Lidl. A road for which I fought , giving media prominence also on Striscia la Notizia and making continuous pressure in the city council “. And he adds: “The people of Palermo can only thank them for being back in possession of a road closed for two years, but this spectacularization for the return to normality is truly a fall in style. In the meantime we still have the Oreto and Corleone bridges waiting justice”.

Video by Marcella Chirchio

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