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In Palermo the 174th DIU training course for international operators in armed conflicts

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PALERMO – With the delivery of the certificates of attendance, it was concluded at the Turba barracks in Palermo, headquarters of the 46 ‘Transmissions Regiment, the 174th DIU training course for international operators in armed conflicts, organized by the Sicily Mobilization Center of the Military Corps of the Italian Red Cross.
International Humanitarian Law (IHL) governs relations between states, international organizations and other subjects of international law during an armed conflict.
These norms protect both people who do not take, or no longer take, part in the conflict, and certain civil goods, limiting the parties to the conflict in the choice of means or methods of combat.
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC / ICRC) is the promoter and guardian of International Humanitarian Law which was born with the Geneva Convention in 1864 and developed thanks to the conventions and additional protocols.
International Humanitarian Law aims to minimize the suffering caused by wars and, today more than ever, disseminating knowledge has become one of the most important institutional tasks of the Red Cross.
Personnel from the Italian Army, the Military Corps of the Italian Red Cross, the Carabinieri Corps and the Red Cross Volunteer Nurses took part in the course.

For Colonel Giuseppe Lo Russo, Commander of the Regiment that hosted the five training days “the course was divided into lectures and simulations of real situations of application of international humanitarian law in employment scenarios, allowing learners to know and comply with these rules in international missions, where the military is no longer required to use only the correct use of the weapon in custody, but increasingly to facilitate the peace and stabilization process, protecting the civilian population and preserving its cultural identity.
– And then he adds – The course, born from an increasingly consolidated collaboration between the Military Corps of the Italian Red Cross and the 46 ‘Transmissions Regiment, takes on particular importance in consideration of the current international situation “