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In Palermo “Prima Vera Contemporanea-Review of Heterodox Music” – La Voce dell’Isola

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Friday 8 April: “Genealogies of dances” concert for microtonal guitar by the Palermitan guitarist Flavio Virzì.

Saturday 9 April will go on stage “ArounD-Palermo”, performance and improvisation by the Minus Collective.

Sunday 10th April Michael Moore will play with the “Jazzmanyoudie” quartet, a performance that focuses on the relationship between original composition and improvisation.

Sala Perriera, Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa

Friday 8 April, for “Prima Vera Contemporanea – Review of Heterodox Music” (Sala Perriera, Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa – Palermo), the guitarist from Palermo Flavio Virzì will present a concert for microtonal guitar, “Genealogies of dances”. The live includes the premiere of “Genealogy of Dances II”, a composition by the Palermo pianist Giovanni Damiani based on the link between mathematical, geometric and musical structures, which takes its cue from three-dimensional observation, and the development of some “asymmetrical configurations” that generate “dancing” models of variable dimensions but all connected to each other .

Virzì will propose “Upcycling- hallucinations”, a piece that comes from a more physical approach to the instrument and that combines, in the words of the guitarist himself, “different sound situations (or ironically hallucinations) constructed with notes of musical ideas, modules and polyrhythmic patterns, studies and structures for improvisation combined with other elements (audio tracks) borrowed from different traditional music from West Africa and from the south of ‘India and then manipulated.

Saturday 9 April it will be the turn of the MINUS COLLECTIVE: it will present the performance “ArounD-Palermo”, an improvisation system designed to create a relationship between the performer and the place where it is performed.
The Minus musicians will build a dialogue between them using space as an improvisational parameter.
ArounD-Palermo in fact, it places the listener at the center of a sound experience in which the frontal perspective of listening, typical of the concert, is unhinged in favor of a totally immersive acoustic scenario.
The young trio of Sicilian musicians, Federico Pipia (electric bass, live electronics), Simone Faraci (synthesizer, live electronics) and Giovanni Magaglio (synthesizer, live electronics), transplanted to Bologna, place research with music at the center of their work electronic, electroacoustic and instrumental, including distant genres, and in which the musicians alternate in always different formations.

On Sunday 10 April, the American composer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Moore (saxophones), well known to the Curva Minore audience and guest in Palermo on several occasions, will perform in concert with the quartet “Jazzmanyoudie”, a collaborative project of the Italian musicians Ruggero di Luisi (drums ) and Gabriele Bertossi (electric bass) and the Lithuanian Gabija Bartulytè (saxophone).
Formed in the Netherlands, the quartet focuses on the relationship between original composition and improvisation, specifically how improvisation and creative interaction can emphasize the development of a compositional form, suggesting an alternative ontology that wants to break away from a dichotomous relationship between the two forms and approaching a relational approach.

Michael Moore, a member of the Instant Composers Pool Orchestra (ICP Orchestra), is one of the references in the international improvised and experimental music scene and has collaborated with some of the most renowned musicians in the field.
He has a deep understanding of both American jazz and the Dutch improvised music tradition, but his writing and playing are also influenced by the music of other cultures.
The music of Sicily, Madagascar, Istria and Indonesia was particularly influential.
A recent project it’s ‘Low, slow and wobbly’, music for baritone saxophone, bass clarinets and trombones based in part on the tradition of Labë a cappella singing from southern Albania.
He collaborated and was influenced by poets and poetry, dancers and other visual artists.

Curated by his wife Valeria Cuffaro, the review, which gives continuity to the fervent and incisive work of Lelio Giannetto, founder of the Curva Minore association, and which will continue until May 15, offers a listening and interaction path with musicians and performers active in the contemporary European music scene: Gunda Gottschalk, Carl Ludwig Hubsch, Gianni Trovalusci, Gandolfo Pagano, Anna-Liisa Eller, Taavi Kerikmäe, Dario Buccino, Dejana Sekulic, Giovanni Damiani, Flavio Virzì, Collettivo Minus, Michael Moore (and his young students ), Michele Di Leonardo, Valerio Minore, Thollem McDonas, Angela Villa and the SIO (Sicilian Improvisers Orchestra).

The heterodox music of Prima Vera Contemporanea has as its objective the opening of new paths of sense and meaning, offering the exploration of multiple sonorities and timbre dimensions due to the presence of artists who, with their compositional and interpretative diversity, will lead the listener towards experiential horizons of sound.
At the center of the review is improvisation, a combination of movement and sound, genesis in the moment, but also contemporary music, reinterpretations of repertoires from ancient music to jazz, in a constant crossing of musical frontiers.

The proposals are an invitation to creative and expressive freedom beyond the artificial distinctions between musical genres and styles, under the banner of Lelio Giannetto’s thought and aesthetic and relational approach to whose work, his wife Valeria Cuffaro and their children Gabriele and Luca they give continuity with extreme dedication and inexhaustible passion.

In the photo, Fabio Virzì