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In Palermo every Sunday a garrison to say no to the war in Ukraine

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Peace Presidium every Sunday in Palermo, starting today (April 3), until the Russian bombs stop falling on Ukraine.

The appointment is for every Sunday from 11 to 13 in Piazza Vittoria Veneto at the Statue of Liberty, the monument dedicated to the fallen of the First World War.
An initiative launched by a dozen women’s associations: Le Rose Bianche, Cgil Palermo Women, Anpi Women’s Coordination, Fatima Islamic Women Association, Emily, Donne Caffè philosophico Bonetti, Fidapa Palermo Felicissima, Lab.Zen 2, The feminine is political, # government of the ili, Donne no Muos no war, Cif.

“We women want to erase the very idea of ​​war – reads the appeal – a destructive anachronism that contradicts every concept of progress and humanity.
We want to transform the order of force and domination, which generates war and death, into the order of love and care that generates life “.

The concepts on the facebook page are more articulated.
Women’s Library and Legal Advice Center – Udipalermo onlus where we read that “the system of power does everything to convince us of the correctness of armed interventions, although abstractly speaking of negotiations, adequate diplomatic strategies are not followed to a mediation to end the destruction of Ukraine “.

interviews with Mariella Pasinati, president of Udi Palermo; Claudia Pedrotti, Udi Palermo

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