In Palermo and Monreale, museums and cultural heritage decorated with AIL poinsettias

A way to love and do good. Because the poinsettias of the Ail – the Italian association against leukaemia-lymphoma and myeloma – make the eyes and heart happy. It was the choice that CoopCulture Sicilia this year shared with the management of the cultural sites under concession: ticket offices, front offices, entrances were embellished and decorated with the stars of the Ail, thus supporting the solidarity campaign of the association which for many years promotes scientific research for the treatment of leukemia. Poinsettias will keep visitors company during the holidays, at the Salinas archaeological museum, at the Riso contemporary art museum, at the Zisa and at the Steri in Palermo and in the monumental cloister of the cathedral of Monreale.

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