In Palermo, about a thousand doses of Novavax vaccine were administered, Costa: a success

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About a thousand doses of Novavax vaccine administered in Palermo.
To provide the data, in the video by Marcella Chirchio, is the commissioner for the Coronavirus emergency in the province of Palermo Renato Costa.

“The possibility of having a vaccine like Novavax – he comments – has allowed us to breach those citizens who were hesitant about vaccines in Mrna.
It is clear that there were no kilometric queues but we started from an adequate percentage of vaccinated people, that is the 94% “.

And he adds: “Being able to make 10-15 first doses a day thanks to Novavax is therefore a success, because we managed to convince those who did not want to get vaccinated”.
In all of Sicily, however, according to the latest report by the Asoe Department of the Sicilian Region, from 1 March to 22, 1,143 administrations with the Novavax vaccine were carried out.

Broadening the front of the entire vaccination campaign across the island, the Asoe Department report examined the week from March 16 to 22.
In the age group between 5 and 11 years, the vaccinated with at least one dose amounted to 28.13% of the regional target.
74,997 children, equal to 23.82%, have completed the primary cycle.
Over 12 years vaccinated with at least one dose amounted to 89.87%; 88.48% of the regional target completed the primary cycle.
As of March 22, 10,310,109 doses were delivered in Sicily, of which 3,964,556 as the first dose and 3,763,428 as the second.

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