In Messina, prices are 7.9% higher than in 2021

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MESSINA. The consumer price index continues to grow: + 7.9% compared to the previous year and + 0.9% compared to the previous month.
To detect it is the statistical office of the municipality of Messina.

The sectors with the greatest price increase are that energy (+ 74% compared to the previous year)the one related to fuel, water and housing maintenance costs (+ 28.2%), prices of maritime transport (+ 22.7%).
The prices of the food and soft drinks (+ 9.2%), soft drinks (1.2%), furniture and household items (+ 2.5%), health services (+ 0.8%) and city and natural gas (+4, 6%).

In the travel industrythe increase in supply close to the start of the summer season ago decrease prices compared to the previous month but not compared to the previous year: European flight tickets fly by + 127.6%, while intercontinental ones by + 45.9%.
Domestic flights, on the other hand, only by 21.4%.
Rail transport it is one of the few sectors that sees a decrease in prices at an annual level, -13.9%, but a monthly growth of + 0.5%: according to the office this should be due “due to a lower availability of offers for ‘intercity and intercity night ».
Going to the beach, on the other hand, costs less than in 2021 (-1.3%) as well as booking a holiday package in Italy (-4.6%).

In the cultural sector, on the other hand, the increase in the price of paper coincides with that of printed newspapers (+ 3.4% for national ones; + 2.7% for local ones).
E-books and fiction books are affected by a decrease in costs: respectively -8% and -1.3%.

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