in Messina +31 and four deaths

Editorial team 03 October 2021 17:44

Share Although with the downward trend, Sicily returns to Italy first for the number of new infections from Covid. There are 402 positives recorded in the last 24 in the nine provinces of the island after the analysis of 11,385 swabs that allowed the usual ministerial bulletin to be drawn up. The positivity index rises to 3.5% (yesterday it was 2.6). The current positives are 13,839 with a decrease of 24 cases. The healed are 419 while there are 7 other victims, of which four only in Messina, which bring the total deaths to 6,846. On the hospital front there are now 474 patients, 31 fewer than yesterday, while in intensive care they are 50, 5 fewer than yesterday. On the contagion front in the individual provinces, Catania returns to first place with 168 infections. Palermo follows with 39 cases, Messina 31 , Syracuse 84, Ragusa 16, Trapani 29, Caltanissetta 21, Agrigento 6, Enna 8.

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