in Messina 2 new infections

Drafting 27 September 2021 17:32


There are 227 new cases of Covid registered in the last 24 hours in Sicily compared to 12,277 swabs processed. The positivity rate passes to 1.8% while yesterday it was 3.9%. The Island returns to second place in the new daily infections, Emilia Romagna to the first with 289. The current positives are still decreasing, which are 16,833 (-170). 390 are healed while there are 7 other victims (all referring to the last 24 hours) which bring the total of deaths to 6,792.

On the hospital front there are now 615 hospitalized, 543 in the ordinary regime ( 9 compared to yesterday) and 72 in intensive care (-1) where, however, there is no new entry. It must be considered that on Sundays there are fewer discharges in hospitals, so it is normal for the balance of occupied beds to increase. On the contagion front in the individual provinces: Palermo with 73 cases, Catania 50, Messina 2 , Syracuse 39, Ragusa 20, Trapani 17, Caltanissetta 14, Agrigento 4, Enna 8

In Messina there was no death. Currently 78 people are hospitalized including 41 at the Policlinico with 9 in intensive care, 20 in the Papardo hospital of which 5 in intensive care, 7 in Piedmont and 10 at the Cutroni Zodda in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto.

Covid slows down, weekly data

slows the spread of the epidemic in Sicily. The confirmation came from the data released yesterday – Sunday 26 September 2021 – by the Civil Protection Department. “The week just ended – they write from the Statistics Office of the Municipality – confirms and strengthens the trend towards a slowdown in the spread of Covid in Sicily: the new positives, the current positives, the hospitalized (ordinary and in intensive care), the new admissions to intensive care and deaths.

The situation in Italy

Today’s bulletin records 1,772 infections, a sharp decrease compared to yesterday, in the last 24 hours out of 124,077 swabs analyzed (antigenic and molecular). The positivity rate is 1.4%. Yesterday 3,099 were ascertained on over 270 thousand tests. The deaths reported in today’s bulletin are 45. The number of hospitalized patients with symptoms returns to rise 52, for a total of 3,487 Covid patients in the ordinary wards. There is also a slight increase in intensive care 5. There are a total of 488 patients in the critical area wards, in the last 24 hours there have been 29 entries. The positive trend of infections continues instead: last monday er anus 2,407 cases of positivity were ascertained.

Today’s bulletin 27 September 2021

New cases 1,772 ( yesterday 3,099) Total cases: 4,662,087 Swabs (antigenic and molecular): 124,077 Currently positive: -1,164, total 101,080 hospitalized with symptoms: 52, total 3,487 admitted to intensive care: 5, total 488 admissions to intensive care: 29 Deaths after positive Covid test: 45 Total deaths: 130,742 Discharged / Healed: 2,892, total 4,430,265

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