In Marsala the feast of San Matteo takes place on social networks


In Marsala the feast of San Matteo takes place on social networks

This year, the feast of San Matteo in Marsala will also be an opportunity to tell the church dedicated to him, the history and beauty contained in this ancient building.

Due to the anti-Covid restrictions it will not be possible to schedule cultural events in presence. This story will then be done through social media. “We will share the history of the church and the works of art kept in it by setting up an album of photos and texts in itinere, a special column that will be published on the Facebook page and in the Instagram profile of the parish which will then physically help to visit the church by looking at it. with a new and perhaps more attentive eye. The sharing will begin on Sunday 23 August and will end on Sunday 13 September, it will be structured in 22 posts through which the most important historical-artistic works and news of the church will be told. The info and texts are by the parish priest who for months has already been working on the publication of a new text on the church “, describes the initiative the parish priest of San Matteo, don Alessandro Palermo.

“The cultural initiative in digital format therefore also wants to be an opportunity to share the richness of our territory. In this difficult moment of the pandemic, beauty, art and good history help us not to flatten ourselves always and only on negative news “.

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