In Geraci three days of good food, drinks and fun the Beer Festival is back

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Three days of good food, beer and healthy fun.
After the break linked to the pandemic, the Beer Festival.
From 8 July to 10, via Vittorio Emanuele to Piazza del Popolo will be full of stands of the commercial activities of the village, where you can taste the typical products and have a drink or beer.
The event will be held in conjunction with the celebrations of the co-patron Maria Santissima Annunziata.

“I do not hide my emotion for the resumption of this event – says the mayor Luigi Iuppa – Events like this contribute, and not a little, to the recovery of the economy of our village.
There is a desire to go back to living in a normal way.
I would like to thank Fabrizio Coco, owner of the Alla Vucciria pub in Geraci, who coordinated and managed the organization of the event “.
The municipality, which sponsors the entire event, has made various lighting points and free public land available to traders.
It begins on 8 July at 7 pm, with the opening of stand. From 11 pm we dance with the Jam Boy.
On 9 July from 6 pm the opening of the stands, then from 6.30 pm exhibition of various Geracese artists.
At 7.30 pm the performance of Mago Magnum and from 11.00 pm the dance with various DJ sets.
Last day on July 10 with the live “cooked” of a beer in the square by the Trinacria Homebrewers association.
Appointment starting at 16.
Then the closing of the event with live music by various Madonite DJs.

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