In Gangi the differentiated flies, the mayor: "We are 55% and with the CCR we will improve the service"


In Gangi the percentage of separate waste collection reached 55% against an average of 50% in the whole Madonie area. A result obtained thanks to the work of Ama, a company that deals with waste collection. The percentage of the Municipality of Gangi could increase thanks to the opening, next year, of the municipal waste collection center (CCR) in the “Pascovaglio” district. The works for 612 thousand euros are underway and the company Tecno Costruzioni srl of Gangi is carrying them out.

"A service that of the separate collection that continues to improve – says the mayor of Gangi Francesco Migliazzo – thanks goes to the company Ama for the excellent service offered, despite the physiological decline in the summer period the waste collection has exceeded 50% in the district of Madonie and Gangi reached 55%. The funding of the CCR from January will allow us to be able to confer differentiated fractions every day and further improve the service, ours is a virtuous Aro among the few in Sicily to have the accounts in order and this must be given about the team that works in the company and in particular its administrator Carmelo Nasello whose role has been and is fundamental ".

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