In Erice there will be an obligation to kiss

Erice city of love? In the next few days, signs will be installed in the summit garden, the famous Balio di Erice, which will “force” anyone who finds himself walking in that already romantic garden of his, to kiss each other.

“Erice, obligation to kiss” is, in fact, the words that will read the signs. It is an initiative of the municipal administration led by the mayor Daniela Toscano.

“Clearly it wants to be an invitation to love, even beyond prejudices, in a splendid setting like that of the Balio Gardens which, in recent weeks, have been the subject of maintenance, restyling and planting of beautiful flowers”. So says the Mayor Daniela Toscano and specifies that the initiative is not only addressed to the citizens of Erice “but also to tourists who, we hope, will soon return to visit our wonderful village. Many of them, especially the younger ones, I am sure, will take the opportunity to take a “selfie” right under that sign, against the backdrop of the wonderful panorama that Erice offers ”.

An initiative that has also been adopted in other municipalities in Italy which, like Erice, can boast of a suggestive and romantic panorama. A signal that invites you to kiss, an invitation to love each other, to seal the moment in an enchanted place.

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