In Enna the general states of Action and + Europe to decide the line to the Regionals

The States General for Sicily of Action and + Europe will be held this afternoon (11 July) in Enna. After the success of the Palermo administration, the Sicilian leaders of the two parties will confront each other to decide the common line to follow in the next regional ones.

“In September – explains in a note the regional secretary of Action Giangiacomo Palazzolo – Carlo Calenda and Emma Bonino will constitute the Good Government Pole, a political area based on a culture steeped in administrative capacity and inspired by a liberal democratic thought that can close the season of populism. Sicily, which in November will be called to vote for the regional elections, could be the first test for this new political proposal and today with the friends of + Europa we will take stock of the regional situation ». The meeting, which will start at 5 pm at the Federico II hotel in Enna, will be attended by the regional secretaries Giangiacomo Palazzolo for Action, Manuela Quadrante and Chiara Guglielmino for + Europe, with the participation of Francesco Italia, member of the National Secretariat of the party di Calenda, the parliamentarian Giorgio Trizzino, the President of the + Europe National Assembly Fabrizio Ferrandelli and Maria Saeli, national treasurer of the Bonino party. In addition to the regional leaders, the provincial secretaries and local Sicilian administrators will be present.

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