In Catania the tour of the munnizza (burnt)

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“The new tourist attraction for Catania is called the ‘munnizza tour’.
A path that starts from Viale Mario Rapisardi and, unraveling among the many streets-dumps of the neighborhood, ends in the heart of Corso Indipendenza.
An obstacle course where you have to dodge old tires, mattresses, mobile plastic bags, waste material.
The final obstacle is found in via Nervesa della Battaglia where an enormous monstrosity even prevents the passage of pedestrians.
All made possible thanks to the absolute lack of controls that have made this part of the city a no-man’s land where anyone can leave us what they want “.
The Romolo Murri committee, through its president Vincenzo Parisi, asks the institutions to “stop this degradation that seems to never end”.

“An adequate video surveillance system must be guaranteed in the area between Viale Rapisardi and Corso Indipendenza.
It is no longer tolerable that thousands of families have to witness such a pitiful sight every day.
Not only that, today we must also ask ourselves what will happen when the usual summer storms occur? With the manholes literally clogged with waste, the usual flooding will be witnessed, adding problems to problems “.

Another complaint, yet another on the waste drama, comes from the president of the “CataniaNostra” committee Andrea Cardello: “Garbage set on fire and the city that is transformed into the land of fires.
While waiting to understand how a collection worthy of the name can be activated, fires are set on plastic bags in all the districts of the city, especially in the evening, in a criminal attempt to eliminate the problem.
Too bad that this solution is highly risky for the entire community.
I have personally collected many reports from concerned citizens.
Bonfires are set up within seconds and keep entire streets in check with residents who can’t help but call the fire brigade.
The protests are countless now and people are tired of this situation.
In many cases, even do-it-yourself signs appear inviting vandals to respect the city ”.

News from Sicily 2022-07-09 16:20:00

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