In Catania the "new" center-right Race: "Db will soon decide what to do"

CATANIA – “When we are united, and we have shown it, we win. When creating heretical coalitions, unnatural marriages, like Pd and M5s in Abruzzo, voters react ". The mayor of Catania, Salvo Pogliese, does the honors and inaugurates the final work table of MuovItitalia 2019, the political area event led by Basilio Catanoso and which in the course of one year passed from FI to FDI. "For the people, beyond Populism: a new center-right is born". A comparison with the various national souls of the now former Polo and moderated by the director of LiveSicilia Accursio Sabella. Only absent reality, Forza Italia. Attention, however, the group leader at the Senate of the Azzurri, Anna Maria Bernini, is absent more than justified. "Within a changed center, with different relationships than in the past, everyone can and must play a …

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