In Catania maxi screen in the premises with limits and restrictions

The provision also provides that the managers of public establishments ensure compliance with the schedules and dimensions of occupation of the public land assigned

L’Municipal Administration of Catania in agreement with the public order and safety committee, it authorized the managers of public establishments, in possession of a concession for public land and a commercial television subscription, to place maxi screens within the public area assigned to them, on and at the times when football matches valid for the championship are played UEFA EURO 2020.

The provision prepared in recent days by the Department of Productive Activities governed by Ludovico Balsamo, in tune with the mayor Except Pogliese and made immediately executive, in the late morning of today after having passed the scrutiny of the prefectural technical body, obliges the exhibitors to place the monitors facing the customers seated at the tables, thus precluding the vision to other people who may be stationed nearby of the premises creating gatherings. The provision also provides that the managers of public establishments guarantee compliance with the schedules and the dimensions of occupation of the public land assigned, in order to ensure the transit of emergency and surveillance vehicles, free access for residents to their homes or garage and the full usability of the entrances and windows of other commercial establishments, unless expressly agreed by the latter, but also the full availability of stalls reserved for the disabled.

This is without prejudice to compliance with the limit values ​​for noise emissions into the environment and the established times, and in particular: 65 dB (A) up to 22.00 and 55 dB from 22.00 until the end of the football matches and in any case no later than 00.30 am and the obligation to adopt all useful measures to avoid any form of gathering in the immediate vicinity of the premises, which even potentially can guarantee transmission of the contagion from Covid 19.

The commissioner Balsamo, in thanking, also on behalf of the mayor Pogliese, the prefect Librizzi, for the convocation of the public safety committee on a subject requested by both exhibitors and patrons, disseminated the provision to the trade union organizations of business owners , trusts in the strict implementation of the provision, whose concrete implementation in some cases may not be compatible with the concession of public land issued.

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