In Caltanissetta, WWF volunteers save a kestrel chick and several swifts that fell early from the nest

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03 July 2022 08:06

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A hawk kestrel and 4 swifts were found and rescued by some sensitive citizens who contacted the WWF Sicily Central for their recovery.
This is the balance of the last weeks of the activities of the volunteers of the WWF of Caltanissetta who deal with the protection of wildlife: this is the breeding season of many species of animals, so it is easy to come across nestlings that prematurely leave the nest and go to meet certain death.
This is what happened, for example, to two young people from San Cataldo – Diego Ettore Di Lorenzo and Domenico Ricci – who in recent days, in the countryside of the immediate outskirts of the city, found an almost featherless Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) on the ground; shortly after they contacted the President of WWF Central Sicily, Ennio Bonfanti, who recovered it by giving it the first care and nutrition.

In Barrafranca (EN), on the other hand, Mr.
Leonardo Genio recovered a nest of Rondone (Apus apus) still unable to fly; then through the web he looked for the contacts of the WWF and delivered it a few days later to a volunteer of the Association.
In recent days, in conjunction with the wave of strong heat, in Caltanissetta numerous other Swifts have been found on the street by various people; on all these occasions the WWF volunteers provided information and assistance for the best recovery and rescue of the birds.

In recent weeks we have saved many other animals from certain death (for example a young herring gull, a Hoopoe and a Swift found in the Piana di Gela) – explains with pride Ennio Bonfanti – in collaboration with the LIPU section of Niscemi and with the wildlife recovery of Ficuzza (PA) and Cattolica Eraclea (AG), where we deliver all animals injured or in distress, as required by current legislation on the protection of wildlife.
It is a “job” that we do – for free – thanks to the passion and generosity of the volunteers of the WWF Sicily Central, an example of civility and love for Nature and animals of which we are proud.

For this the WWF launches a heartfelt appeal to anyone who wants to help the environmental association in this work of rescuing and caring for animals in difficulty or, in any case, wishes to support their activity in general or become a volunteer: as well as on the main social networks , WWF Sicilia Centrale can be contacted via email at
At the same addresses, the Association’s security guards can be contacted to report, with the utmost confidentiality, any illegal activity to the detriment of nature and fauna: birding systems (traps, leghold traps, nets, etc.); electroacoustic calls; cases of possession / breeding of protected species; illegal sale of Goldfinches and other wild birds, etc.

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