in Caldonazzo stands the Circolo Canoa Catania

Editorial team 06 September 2021 09:31

Circolo Canoa Catania on the shields at Lake Caldonazzo. In Trentino, the rossazzurra expedition dominates the scene in the Meeting of the Regions and in the Italian speed championship (Allievi and Cadets) of Olympic canoe. The rossazzurri won 14 gold, 6 silver and 6 bronze medals. Great joy and satisfaction from the president of the Circolo Canoa Catania, Daniele Insabella, the sports director Fabrizio Messina, the federal technicians Luca Angemi, Daniele Romano and Francesco Moro. THE RESULTS.
Meeting of the Regions (protagonist the Sicilian team with many paddlers from the Catania Club). 2.000 meters: gold in the K1 Cadets; to Armando Angemi (Ct). Gold in K2 Cadets; to Ivan Russo (Coach) and Antonio Arizzi (Tecnonaval Palermo). Gold in K1 Allievi; to Anastasia Insabella (Ct). Silver in K1 Allievi; to Carlo
Trombetta (Ct). Fourth classified in K1 Sofia Di Grazia (Ct) just a stone’s throw from the podium. Meeting of the Regions 200 meters.
Gold K1 Cadets; Armando Angemi (Coach). Gold K1 Allievi; Anastasia Insabella (Coach). Gold K2 Cadets; Pietro Messina (Coach) and Antonio Arizzi (Tecnonaval Palermo). Gold K4 Cadets; Pietro Messina (Coach), Armando Angemi (Coach), Ivan Russo (Coach) and Antonio Arizzi (Tecnonaval Palermo). Gold Relay 4 X 200 meters K1 Students; Anastasia Insabella (Ct). Silver K1 Allievi; Carlo Trombetta (Coach). Bronze C2 Cadets; Ivan Russo and Manuel Moro (Coach). Italian Company Championship 2.000 meters. K2 Cadets gold medal; Manuel Moro and Pietro Messina. Bronze K1 Cadets; Mattia Allegra. Italian Corporate Championship 200 meters. Gold K1 Cadets; Armando Angemi.
Gold K1 Allievi; Anastasia Insabella.
Gold K1 Cadets; Sofia Di Grazia
Gold K2 Student; Anastasia Insabella and Elea Torrisi.
Gold K1 Allievi; Lorenzo Bonaccorso.
Silver K1 Cadets; Ilary Grancagnolo.
Silver K2 Cadets; Armando Angemi and Manuel Moro.
Argento K2 Cadetti; Ivan Russo and Pietro Messina.
Silver K4 Open Allievi; Carlo Trombetta, Lorenzo Bonaccorsi, Elea Torrisi and Alberto Siligato.
Bronze, K1 Carlo Trombetta.
Bronze, K1 Students; Andrea Consoli
Bronze, K1 Allievi; Greta Romano
Bronze, K4 Open Cadets Massimiliano Insabella, Damiano Ottoveggio, David Pruna, Anna Grassi.

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