In August, over 546 thousand visitors to places of culture in Sicily, attendance increasing in Palermo

Success of visitors in the month of August for the places of culture of the Region, including archaeological parks and museums. In fact, attendance in August was 546,169 with an increase of 64,885 compared to the same month of 2020, the year in which 481,284 entries were registered.

In Palermo San Giovanni degli Eremiti totaled 6,814 visitors (last year there were 5,551), 4,388 the regional gallery of Palazzo Abatellis (3,422 in 2020), while 4,884 were the visitors in August of the Salinas regional archaeological museum (in 2020 they were states 2,468). 2,003 people went to the Chinese building (last year in the same period it was closed); 2,584 admissions to the Museum of Palazzo Mirto (in 2020 it was closed); 1,293 the number of visitors to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Palazzo Riso, compared to 678 in 2020; 467 people visited the Oratorio dei Bianchi (in 2020 there were 111). A growing trend also in the province of Palermo: the archaeological area of ​​Solunto was visited by 845 people, compared to 674 last year, while that of Himera saw 346 visitors (in 2020 there were 166). “Having dedicated particular attention to places of culture generates results: the number of visitors registered last August – underlines the regional councilor for cultural heritage and Sicilian identity, Alberto Samonà – is not accidental, but the result of methodical work which has lasted for some time and which is aimed at the full enhancement of our cultural heritage in a strategic key. The Musumeci government, in fact, is giving culture the importance it deserves, according to a long-term vision that wants to give new centrality to Sicily, starting precisely from the places and testimonies that tell its history and identity “. the Archaeological Park of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento recorded 156,122 visitors compared to 127,000 last year, with an increase of 29,000 visitors; also in Agrigento, at the Griffo Museum there were 4,780 visitors (in 2020 there were 4,082). At the Ancient Theater of Taormina, visitors in August were 84,890 compared to 76,000 in the same month in 2020. There were 1,935 visitors to the archaeological area of ​​Naxos (in 2020 the entrances were 1,681), while 1,114 the attendance recorded in August at Mu.Me, the interdisciplinary museum of Messina, compared to the 1,059 of last year. In the archaeological area of ​​Halaesa Arconidea 605 visitors against 461 in August 2020. Almost a thousand more visitors in the archaeological area of ​​Selinunte, where the entrances were 38,749 compared to 37,754 last year; considerable increase also in the archaeological park of Segesta, where 37,366 visitors were registered compared to 32,610 in 2020. Increase also in Marsala, at the Lilibeo Park, with 4,282 people (in 2020 there were 4,186) and at the Museum of the Satyr of Mazara del Vallo (6,493 compared to 6,438 in 2020). As for the archaeological area of ​​the Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina, in August there were 25,157 visitors compared to 23,310 in 2020. 2,046 visitors who chose Palazzo Trigona, inaugurated on August 16 this year after an important intervention of restoration. Excellent results also at the archaeological museum of Centuripe, where visitors were 392 (also thanks to the return of the “Portrait of Augustus”) compared to only 17 presences in 2020. In central Sicily, slight decline only for the sites of the Archaeological Park of Gela , in the province of Caltanissetta, also due to the restoration works that are affecting the archaeological museum. Numbers up sharply in Catania, where 12,041 people went to the Roman Theater and Odeon, compared to 5,906 last year; satisfactory admissions also for Casa Verga (1,092 visitors), the Caltagirone Ceramics Museum (1,085) and the Adrano Museum and the Dionysian Walls (203 visitors). In Syracuse 17,901 people went to the Maniace Castle (in 2020 there were 17,297), 2,029 chose the regional gallery of Palazzo Bellomo (compared to 1,453 last year), while 2,720 were visitors to the Paolo Orsi Museum, which last year in it had reopened only from the last week of August and had registered just 317 visitors. In the province of Ragusa, the archaeological area of ​​Cava d’Ispica registered 1,134 visitors (in 2020 there were 567), while the Convent of the Croce di Scicli saw a turnout of 1,007 people (994 in 2020).

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