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In a confused state on the Agrigento-Palermo railway line, the agents save the girl before the irreparable

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AGRIGENTO – He walked dangerously along the railway line near Trabia.
Here the Polfer operators of Agrigentoengaged in a patrol service on board the train in the Agrigento-Palermo section, they have tracked down a girl and they have treats to safety.

When the convoy passed, she had been seen along the railway line inside a tunnel; railway personnel stopped the train running and the agents rescued her and made her get on board and then entrusted her to the care of the medical staff who had to intervene at the central Palermo station.

He was in obvious confusion, she had moved away from a hospital in the capital where she was being treated for her mental conditions.
This is one of the interventions carried out by Polfer in Sicily during the week from 28 March to 3 April 2022.
The budget for this activity was 4 suspects, 3,231 controlled persons, 48 trains attended, 26 vehicles inspected And 317 patrols engaged in security services at the station, on board the train and along the railway line.

4 people were traced, including 3 non-EU minors, surprised at the Agrigento station while they were trying to get on a train to reach Palermo.
The young people, after the investigations by the policemen, were entrusted to the community from which they had left.

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