In 2020 36 thousand VAT numbers opened in Sicily. Trapani is fourth among the provinces jpg

VAT numbers in Sicily from January to December last year were 36,281, a figure lower only than that recorded in Lombardy (76,666), Lazio (53,290), Campania (47,497) and Veneto (37,392). Valle d’Aosta did worse than Sicily with only 975 VAT numbers, followed by Molise (2,783).

Compared to 2019, Sicily records a -12.19% is better than other 16 realities, especially the Marche (-18.96%), Liguria (-18.70%), Tuscany (-17.65% ); Less substantial reductions compared to 2019 were recorded in Veneto (-5.30%) and Molise (-7.11%). These are the data from the Observatory on VAT numbers of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

In total in Italy there are 464,700 new VAT numbers opened in 2020 in Italy, and compared to the previous year there was a significant decrease (-14.8%), an effect of the unfortunately ongoing health emergency.

As for the Sicilian provinces, the highest number of VAT numbers, in 2020, is registered in Catania (8,777), followed by Palermo (8,137), Messina (4,305), Trapani (3,368), Agrigento (3,238), Syracuse ( 2,849), Ragusa (2,567), Caltanissetta (1,936), Enna (1,104). The worst percentage change compared to 2019 is recorded in Agrigento (-17.90%), followed by Messina (-17.81%), Enna (-16.11%), Palermo (-11.68%), Caltanissetta (-11.52%), Syracuse (-11.33%), Catania (-9.34%), Trapani (-9.27%), Ragusa (-8.71%).

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