“Important milestone, in the name of democracy”

Editorial staff 14 September 2021 13:29

Share “The Third Sector Council will finally be operational in Messina, that is the place dedicated to the confrontation between the Administration and local organizations in the field of social policies”. To give the news, in a note, are the spokespersons of the M5s Cristina Cannistrà and Giuseppe Fusco, who in October 2020 had proposed changes to the regulation of the Council, with particular reference to the appointment of the president, attributing the election to the City Council, ” as required by the Statute “:” A result that will allow the establishment of the Council after years of reminders to the mayor Cateno De Luca and so much time thrown to the wind, demonstrating how the Administration has always been unwilling to democratic confrontation and participation “. “The purpose of the Consultation – they explain – is to improve welfare policies, directly involving citizens with regard to services for the person, the family and the community, contribute to the spread of a culture that values ​​associations and promote dialogue between local associations and the Administration, also through the drafting of memoranda of understanding and agreements, thus encouraging the principles of democratic participation of citizens “. Also yesterday afternoon, the “Youth Council of the City of Messina” was also approved, whose proposal for a resolution was drawn up and presented by the council group of the M5s last March 4 after the withdrawal of the previous proposal by the Presidency of the Council . The objective of the Council, governed by a specific regulation, is to “open the doors” of Palazzo Zanca to the new generations, who will have the opportunity to confront each other, present their requests and design ideas and proposals in synergy with the institutions. “This is an important milestone, which will finally guarantee the active participation of Messina associations in administrative decisions in the field of youth policies”, comment the councilors of the M5s, who in March 2020 presented a new proposal for a regulation providing for the promotion culture, legality, peace and equal opportunities, environmental protection, the promotion of cultural and linguistic integration processes and the achievement of the principles of gender equality. While waiting for the technical opinions on the resolution and on the amendments presented, the vote on the establishment of “urban gardens” in the Municipality of Messina was postponed, the proposal of which was presented by the council groups of the Democratic Party and the M5s.

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