Immigration, Totò Martello: "Yes to rights, no to hatred and fear"


"When it comes to immigration, the only way to escape the slippery terrain of rhetoric and political speculation is to bring the debate back to the concrete context of law and rules." Thus said Totò Martello, mayor of Lampedusa and Linosa, speaking at the conference "The frontier of law and the law of the border", promoted by the Democratic area for justice and the association for legal studies on immigration, which was held in Lampedusa. "For too long, there has been talk of immigration going ahead with slogans, which were passed off as" laws "before public opinion. But the difference between "norms" and "slogans" can only emerge if there is clear and truthful communication, and if a climate of "normality" is created. We need to be able to talk about immigration with serenity, without constant references to fear that have the sole purpose of generating division and social hatred ".

At the conference, the chief prosecutor of Agrigento, Luigi Patronaggio, participated; the vice president of the Senate, Anna Rossomando; the emeritus president of the Constitutional Court, Valerio Onida; Guido Raimondi, former president of CEDU; Riccardo Clerici, head of the UNHCR legal department; Armando Spataro, former prosecutor of Turin; Pietro Bartolo, vice-president of the European Parliament's Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee and Domenico Gallo, President of the Court of Cassation.

"The agreements with Turkey and Libya are only a slice of European and national policies, which in recent years have been aimed at" rejecting. These are nefarious agreements "- said MEP Pietro Bartolo, who added:" There is still a lot of resistance in the EU and there is still great disappointment at the rejection, during the last plenary session, of the resolution on the search and rescue service to which we had worked so hard. A resolution against the criminalization of those who save lives at sea and for relocations in all states of those who desperately arrive in Europe. We will continue – he concluded – to ask for a European approach to the issue of migrants and to fight against the criminalization of those who save human beings ".

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