Immigration. The Solidalia Consortium no longer manages the Sprar project

Handover of the SAI “I Colori del Mondo” project, formerly a Sprar project. The Solidalia coop will no longer manage the project dedicated to immigrants in various municipalities in the province of Trapani, including Marsala. The Badia Grande coop will manage the project, and in the handover the Solidalia consortium wanted to write an open letter in which it traces the balance of the activities of these years. Here is the letter

A few hours ago, with emotion and equally regret, we completed all the necessary formalities for the handover of the SAI Project “The Colors of the World” (formerly SPRAR) from the Solidalia Consortium represented by us, to the Badia Grande Cooperative, the new managing body.

In fact, today, after so many years, one of the most significant and qualifying experiences among those put in place by our organization ends. An experience that we gave birth in 2014 together with the Municipality of Marsala and which also involved the Municipalities of #Alcamo, #Paceco, #BusetoPalizzolo, #Salemi, #Custonaci, #Vita and #CastellammareDelGolfo. A complex, difficult but at the same time exciting experience, through which we had the good fortune to get to know the healthy part of each territory, the one that is spent every day silently to contribute to the improvement of one’s communities. A social fabric made up of associations, institutions, schools, parishes, volunteers, but above all made up of respectable people. We have had the responsibility of welcoming several hundred immigrants (men, women, children) from various countries, who have trusted and entrusted in the hands of our operators, their life story, their dreams and desires but above all their own hope of building a better future.

In recent years there have been many positive experiences, and just as many results achieved, among these we want to mention the involvement of the beneficiaries in the context of the XIII excavation campaign on the island of S. Pantaleo (Mozia) of the Stagnone di Marsala, the initiative was included in the Annual Report of Good Practices of the Ministry of the Interior 2017. In addition, on March 21, 2019 the Solidalia Consortium received the “Welcome – Working for refugee integration” award from the UN Refugee Agency (#UNHCR) returning among the 75 Italian companies, the only one in Sicily, which in 2018 stood out for “having favored the professional integration of refugees and for having supported their integration process in Italy”.

For all this and much more, we could not say goodbye without thanking those who contributed to the achievement of these results. We dedicate special thanks to all our operators, to those who have started this path, to those who have passed through time and to those who have brought it to completion until today. Thanks to all the municipalities belonging to the network, to the Mayors and their respective councils, to the municipal officials with whom we had the pleasure of collaborating, to those who decided in 2014 to bet on this project, and to those who over time the latter has succeeded. We wish you a good job also to the new official of the social services of the Municipality of Marsala, with whom we unfortunately had the opportunity to collaborate only in the organization of the management transfer and the related handover. We thank you for understanding our work and making this passage as less traumatic as possible. Finally, we dedicate a special thought to Dr. MT Borruso, who has been alongside us in weaving relationships and networks that have allowed the achievement of the objectives, with great professionalism and humanity. We are convinced that the most beautiful experiences, the most significant ones, in order to be remembered, appreciated and counted, must necessarily pass through a final moment. Today that day has arrived, the spirit of service, the sense of responsibility towards the people currently welcomed, has led us to commit ourselves even more to facilitate this handover.

The Solidalia Consortium, even if it is no longer the managing body of SAI at this time, will continue its mission in the territories and communities with which it has collaborated through the “Colors of the World” project, in order to develop and build new experiences of participatory planning able to give answers to the ever increasing needs. We take our leave, expressing to the cooperative Badia Grande, the new managing body, our best wishes for a good job, and to be able to receive from this new experience as many and even better satisfactions and the satisfaction that we have always breathed and perceived.

The administrators of the Solidalia Consortium

Maria Anna De Vita, Luciano Internicola, Maurizio Sturiano