“Illogical to put Isee roof on free transport for students”

Editorial staff 16 September 2021 11:40

Share “The choice of limiting the free transport from one municipality to another to students who have an ISEE income below € 10,632 is illogical, arbitrary, unreasonable and in contrast with the regional law on the right to education, which does not provide for any income limit. This roof must be abolished ”. To say the regional deputy M5S Stefania Campo who addressed a question to the President of the Region, Musumeci, to the councilor for Infrastructures and Mobility, Falcone, to the one for local autonomies and for the public function, Zambuto, and to the one for Lagalla Education and Training. In the crosshairs of the parliamentary a resolution of the regional gGunta of last December that put a ceiling on the possibility of municipalities to offer all students the opportunity to move for free to another municipality regardless of family income. “The ISEE threshold – states the deputy – excludes most Sicilian families and young people from the right to free transport, as sanctioned by regional law 24 of 1973. This will cause negative repercussions for the municipalities, which are trying, with limited resources that they have available, to go to the rescue of students excluded from the benefit and, above all, for families already tried by the crisis linked to the Covid emergency. The use of the Isee roof would also constitute the retroactive application of an administrative act not provided for by no law “. Campo also asks to know “at what point is the update of the plan for the management and additional services of local public transport in view of the reopening of the schools, if the prefectoral tables have been held, and what they will be and how they will be checks have been carried out on compliance with the rules to reduce the risk of contagion. We would also like to know – concludes Campo – what actions have been taken to create concessions on tickets and passes to cover the home-school journey and those for the promotion of transport services on call to reach areas not served by the traditional line service or to activate shared use services such as car sharing and collective taxis for students “.

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