Illicit trafficking in metal waste, 15 precautionary measures and 146 suspects


PALERMO – The Guardia di Finanza has carried out an order for the application of precautionary measures issued by the investigating judge of the Palermo court against 15 people accused, for various reasons, of illicit trafficking in waste, issuing false invoices and concealing accounting documents. A total of 146 people are investigated in the context of the investigation carried out under the direction of the Public Prosecutor's Office of Palermo, for environmental and tax offenses.

The yellow flames have reconstructed a complex mechanism aimed at managing metal waste outside the legal circuit, through the use of false invoicing. The investigations revealed a system, through which small business owners of sole proprietorships, total tax evaders and without environmental authorization – moved only fictitiously goods for 3.5 million from 2014 to 2017. The main function of these companies, in fact, was to create false invoices to be delivered to 6 companies specialized in waste collection and treatment, based in Palermo, Carini and Capaci.

The fraudulent mechanism was complex. The small entrepreneurs belonging to the "first level" of the supply chain, the so-called "cenciaioli", recovered metal waste such as copper, iron, aluminum, providing for the subsequent transfer to the "collection platforms", the so-called "second level". In return for the contributions, invoices were issued – the amounts of which were not declared to the tax authorities – for quantities of ferrous material far greater than those actually sold by the "cenciaioli".

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