Illegal transportation of discarded appliances in Modica leads to seizure of truck

The police officers from the Modica police station seized a truck full of ferrous waste and household appliances to be disposed of, weighing a total of 250 kilograms. The officers spotted the truck in the Sorda district and stopped it for inspection, as the material in the container was not properly secured. On board the truck, two men, aged 66 and 33, both residents of the province of Syracuse, were identified. They failed to provide a valid explanation regarding the traceability of the transported material and did not show the necessary authorizations for transporting hazardous materials. The two men were taken to the police station for further investigations and were subsequently reported to the judicial authorities for illegal collection and transportation of waste in collaboration, a crime punishable by the environmental code. In order to prevent the continuation or possible repetition of the crime, the officers proceeded to seize the truck, a measure later validated by the judicial authorities.

Modica, elettrodomestici da smaltire trasportati senza autorizzazione: sequestrato un camion

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