Illegal electronic cigarettes, plates, and perfumes seized in massive operation in Termini Imerese and Misilmeri.

The military command of the Palermo Finance Guard seized 154,278 various accessories, including 1,076 electrical items and 24 inhalable liquid products categorized as “disposable electronic cigarettes” lacking a unique identification code. The merchandise, found in two shops in Termini Imerese and Misilmeri, did not comply with Italian labeling and product safety regulations, such as indicating the place of origin, manufacturer/importer, instructions, precautions, intended use, and the CE marking for conformity to European Union safety standards. The seized products included personal items, household materials, electrical equipment, and disposable electronic cigarettes with 5% nicotine, all missing unique identification codes. The shop owners faced administrative fines of over 56,000 euros, and one of them may have their business activities suspended by the Customs and Monopoly Agency. Additionally, both shop owners were reported to the Chamber of Commerce for necessary actions.

Sigarette elettroniche, piastre e profumi non a norma: maxi sequestro a Termini Imerese e Misilmeri

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