Il Telefono Rosa commends raped Palermo girl: “Thank you for your courage”

“We don’t know you, but we understand what you’re going through. It will be a tough journey. For women, everything is harder. We apologize for the insults and the atrocities that are being written about you. We are fighting for a society that recognizes the value of women and supports them in cases like this. You are not to blame and you certainly did not deserve the horror and pain that has been inflicted upon you. Thank you on behalf of all of us for the courage you are showing. Reporting the crime, especially in Italy, is truly an act of bravery. We hope this message reaches you. The Rosa Helpline and all of us volunteers are here for you. You are not alone.” This is what Rosa Helpline wrote to the girl from Palermo who was raped. The letter is signed by Maria Gabriella Carnieri Moscatelli, president of Rosa Helpline, and the volunteers of the National Rosa Helpline Association.

Il Telefono Rosa scrive alla ragazza di Palermo stuprata: «Grazie per tuo coraggio»

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