Ibrahim’s story: Rescued on a boat, arriving in Palermo and receiving a degree

Ibrahim, a 24-year-old from Gambia, graduated with top honors in Nursing this morning in Palermo, Italy, after a journey of hope that began in 2016. He overcame linguistic barriers and demonstrated that with determination and willpower, one can achieve their goals. His dream of working in healthcare to help his country motivated him to leave for Europe to continue his studies. After a perilous journey, he arrived in Palermo where he was welcomed by the family of a law professor, Giuseppe Verde, who supported and helped him graduate. The Caritas organization also provided support, and Ibrahim received a donation from the Rotary Club to facilitate his integration and education. Now, after celebrating his achievement, Ibrahim can focus on his dream of helping his country.

Salvato su un barcone, l’arrivo a Palermo e la laurea. La storia di Ibrahim: «Lo faccio per il mio Paese»

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