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“I am satisfied because the Iacp of Trapani has managed to cross a new milestone.
And this was possible thanks to that policy that I like.
That of the personal inspiration, meanwhile with the tenants of our lodgings, without direct contact it is impossible to identify the problems to be solved, then with those who work within this body, all the staff, administrative, technical and financial area, finally, last but not really last, with the regional department for infrastructures, with the offices and with the councilor on.
Marco Falcone who has shown that he understands the needs of the area and has repeatedly appreciated the Iacp of Trapani for having been able to put in place solutions and ability to spend the funds made available over the time.

We are an institution that works by allowing citizens to see an institution that takes care of problems not to cultivate clientele but to put concrete remedies.
Today the merit of having obtained about 32 million euros in funding to be able to intervene in 39 public buildings in our province, not tomorrow but today, must be attributed to the operational synergy between Iacp, assignees of the housing and Regional Department of Infrastructure, Nobody is remained like a sphinx looking at the territory “.
So declares the lawyer Vincenzo Scontrino, president of IACP Trapani.

The Iacp of Trapani has seen all the projects presented for seismic recovery and energy efficiency, which will be implemented in two tranches, admitted to the ranking of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).
An important result.

“These are projects of great strategic value” comments the General Manager ing.
Eugenio Sardo, “projects that are the result of the precise knowledge by the offices of the state body of every single property we own, but which are also the result of the confrontation with a Board of Directors never distracted with respect to the problems to be faced.
The projects financed through the PNRR are only a part of the projects we have in progress, we must not forget the interventions supported through the European funds of the OP Fesr, we have concluded an intervention on Trapani – continues Eng.

Sardinian – we are concluding the one in Marsala, we have resumed the ranks by restarting the one on Alcamo, we proceed quickly for the recovery of the ancient rural village Livio Bassi, to transform the former Zeus Hotel in Castelvetrano, a property subject to confiscation, into a Social Housing building anti-mafia, and again for interventions on Mazara and Valderice.
The recent approval by the Board of Directors of the final balance sheet 2021 will then make it possible to free up new resources for the ordinary maintenance of the houses, which is certainly a serious concern for us as well as for the tenants who legitimately claim building repairs, but still today we are here to remind you that by not paying the rents on time, the related budget chapters intended to support ordinary maintenance will never be able to contain the resources needed with respect to demand “.

“In spite of what someone might argue – adds President Scontrino – we are doing the facts and we are sending the controversies back to the sender …
with many greetings”.

Increase and renovate social housing and public housing complexes in Sicily using the resources of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.
This was the aim of the first call published by the Region to draw on the funds from the NRP, specifically over 233 million from the complementary fund for the “Safe, green and social” public housing redevelopment program, to be divided over six years.
Of these 233 million euros, the Iacp of Trapani obtained 32 million.
Through the PNRR, the IACP will intervene in the Municipalities of:

– Trapani via Vito Catalano lot 1 scale A, B, C and D; lot 2 scale A, B, C and D; Rione Cappuccinelli lot A / D and lot B / B; via Platone lot 1; via Emilio D’Angelo lot 2 and 3; via delle Oreadi lot 2,3,5,6; via Martyrs of Nassyria 1,3, and 5; via Beppe Alfano building 7, 8 and 9- Alcamo via Mariano Stabile lot 11 C- Buseto Palizzolo via Paolo Borsellino 12 / c- Castelvetrano via Campobello Pal.
8/9; via Magellano 2 and 3; via Giancontieri Pal.
1/2/3/4 / 5- Custonaci via Scurati C- Erice via 481 lot 81- Marsala via Istria lot 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/12/13/14/36 / 37- Mazara del Vallo via Ugdulena, via Potenza lot 2- Paceco via Cappello Giuseppe lot 1/2/3, via Palermo Raimondo 2 and 4- Partanna via Milano Lot 1A, 2B, 3, 5 and 6 – Petrosino via Vincenzo Gioberti lot 5/6/7/8/9 / 10- Santa Ninfa via Dante 7 and via Carducci 3.-

The tender procedures for the awarding of the works must be defined by next 31 December, but once the Regional Infrastructure Department defines the relative decree, which is expected shortly, it is not excluded that some interventions may already go to tender.
by the end of next July.
But the funding for the second tranche will still arrive, concerning important interventions in other Municipalities.

“Sicily – declared Marco Falcone, the regional councilor for Infrastructures at the time, when the call for project collection was published – is at work to better invest the funds of the Pnrr, in this case giving further life to the relaunch of policies housing.
We have put the IACP back on its feet and started dozens of works to rehabilitate our social housing stock, completing the unfinished ones and recovering the existing one.
Now the Department of Infrastructures is also fielding the PNRR, to carry out interventions aimed not only at restoring dignity and functionality to the homes of thousands of Sicilians, but also at regenerating entire portions of our inhabited centers ».

“I say another thing – adds the Iacp president avv.
Vincenzo Scontrino – if anyone thinks that the PNRR match could be a rich opportunity to illegally “get their hands” on public resources, know that they have badly done their accounts.
We are preparing to define a “protocol of responsible legality” and then submit it to the examination for the definitive signing with the police, with the Crime Division of the Police Headquarters, with the Guardia di Finanza, with the Carabinieri.
In order to make administrative action even more transparent.
We will ask HE the prefect of Trapani Filippina Cocuzza to support us in this initiative.
There will be no room for the crafty or the mafias.
Every single euro will be destined only for the growth of the territory.
In the sign of legality “.

“Just as it is the intention of the IACP administration to sit at the table with the trade unions that represent the workers in the construction sector, in order to actively collaborate for compliance with the rules in the world of work”.
“With the trade unions the IACP of Trapani wants to share the need to ensure and guarantee healthy employment, in compliance with the rules on safety in the workplace and the remuneration standards guaranteed by law.
We will ask the trade unions to offer their support by making available their wealth of knowledge and skills in the sector of the market, job protection, promotion of the rights of citizens-workers, to monitor together the paths we are taking “.

“We continue – underlines the lawyer.
Receipt – to use words that decline the need to create synergy between institutions and between institutions and social partners, the synergy becomes decisive, at every level.
In fact, we are working on relevant issues such as those of energy communities that cannot be addressed except by adopting solutions shared by all the actors, and on which we believe the right resources should be spent to ensure that an important building heritage, such as the one we represent, is in a position to withstand the new challenges in terms of ecological transition and energy saving “.

“I repeat – concludes the Iacp president – that I am personally satisfied, even to have entered the homes of some citizens who have shown me the signs of their daily difficulties, to have sat down with them and shared the discomfort of a society on the margins.
With the colleagues of the Board of Directors, with the vice president Marcello Tricoli and with the director Mario Bommarito, who today I am obliged to thank for their contribution to the life of this body, we received from the president Musumeci and from the councilor Falcone , political / administrative positions and this after a long commissioner management.

Immediately, since our establishment, we have understood the need to shorten the distances with our users, because we are sincerely convinced and out of the rhetoric that institutions must sit with citizens if they want to understand their needs.
We have adopted the policy of listening, without this direct contact we would certainly have made a mistake by identifying on paper and marking the buildings where to intervene with a stroke of a pen “.


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