Iacovone Di Taranto’s Fire: Field Seized, Stadium Unusable, Brindisi-Catania At Risk

The Brindisi-Catania match scheduled for September 10th at the Iacovone stadium in Taranto is at high risk. After the fire that broke out inside the stadium on Sunday evening following the Taranto-Foggia match, the away sector of the stadium, the southern curve, has been seized and the entire stadium has been declared unfit for use. An investigation has been opened by the Prosecutor’s Office and the police are reviewing surveillance camera footage. The stadium in Taranto is currently off-limits and the decision to prohibit its use is pending further assessment of potential damage caused by the fire. The Brindisi team is currently playing their home matches at the Iacovone stadium due to renovation work at the Fanuzzi stadium. However, the match is now at risk of being postponed. The local administration is conducting administrative checks and assessing the damages caused by the fire. At the moment, three scenarios are being considered: playing the match without spectators, finding an alternative venue, or postponing the match indefinitely. Brindisi and Catania, along with their supporters, are awaiting a decision in the next few hours.

Incendio allo Iacovone di Taranto, curva sotto sequestro e stadio inagibile: a rischio Brindisi-Catania

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