I work in Palermo, catering and logistics are the driving sectors of 2021

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PALERMO (ITALPRESS) – With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has undergone profound transformations, both in the private sphere of each individual, and in all areas of business.
The world of work was no exception, with an already very visible evolutionary process accelerating.
To better describe these transformations, Andrea Malacrida, CEO of Adecco, presented in Palermo the book “Immaginare il lavoro”, published by Marsilio Editori and on sale in Feltrinelli bookstores and on the main online stores.
This is a profound analysis of the Italian world of work, within which some guidelines stand out on which the country will have to work in order not to risk seeing one of the greatest opportunities of recent decades vanish: the PNRR.
In fact, if Italy will not be able to implement employment policies useful to give women, men and young people the cognitive tools necessary to face the restart, the resources coming from the PNRR risk being a lost opportunity for the whole national economic system.

The leading sectors in the province of Palermo in 2021 were catering and logistics.
The most growing and sought after profiles compared to 2020 are, in fact, waiters (+ 122%), couriers, bellmen and porters (+ 116%) and hairdressers, whose searches have grown by 103%.
Also relevant are the fourth and fifth places, respectively occupied by sales representatives and warehouse management staff, whose searches increased by 98 and 94% compared to 2020.
The situation is also quite similar at the regional level.
Even in Sicily, in fact, the most growing profiles are waiters (+ 151%), second place for kitchen workers, whose searches increased by 144%, and third position for warehouse management (+134 %).
Fourth and fifth place instead for logistics workers such as couriers, messengers and porters and for information officers who grew respectively by 127 and 111% compared to the previous year.

“The goal of this book is to tell and explain to everyone what is happening in the world of work today.
In fact, contrary to what happened in the 1990s, a period in which work was stable and there was an air of optimism, today we are facing a much more fluid and uncertain scenario, in which there are often no points of reference capable of orient – he explains
Andrea Malacrida, author of “Imagining the work” -.
This causes, especially in young people, fears and distrust of the future and of society and indecision on the course of study to choose for the realization of one’s potential.
I sincerely hope that this initiative can be a stimulus to accelerate the process of building an Italy with a truly modern labor market “.

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