“I will be the next mayor of Sicily”

Editorial team 02 October 2021 18:25

Share With an envelope containing an “eviction notice” for the president of the Sicilian Regional Assembly, Gianfranco Miccichè, Cateno De Luca today launched – during the Sicilian Vera assembly – his race for Palazzo d’Orleans. De Luca wants to be the “next mayor of Sicily” and, symbolically lighting a lantern, he announced that he “wants to look for men and women who want to make a bet for Sicily in this liberation march of our region”. “Sicilia Vera – said De Luca – wants to be an alternative to this failure. Today our action is aimed at forcing the politics and political system of which Musumeci is a symbol to assume their responsibilities and their faults. Sicilia Vera is today a model of good governance. The facts prove it, our history shows it. Our administrative action engraved in the annual reports is marked by the ‘politics of doing’, in clear discontinuity with respect to the vulgar use and abuse that in recent years the political class has made institutions. The extraordinary results achieved in the municipal buildings we are governing confirm that we administer our communities and we have not limited ourselves and we do not limit ourselves to exercising the mere political role aimed at the ephemeral search for consensus with the many ‘yes’ , even if harmful, and the few ‘no’, so as not to upset anyone “. There was no shortage of an arrow to the president of Ars. “If anyone thinks that this battle for Sicily is not worth fighting, they are wrong – explained De Luca – above all because it is necessary to stop this slow agony. A battle that starts precisely from the commitment of local administrators and their stubbornness, from their daily commitment and their knowledge of the territory. This is why, concluded De Luca, I do not intend to be the president or the governor of Sicily, but I want to be the mayor of Sicily “.

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