"I was afraid of being killed but I said no to return to Cosa Nostra", Quaranta tells Rebibbia


Blue cap on his head and big dark glasses to cover his eyes. The former boss Giuseppe Quaranta, a collaborator of justice for almost two years, debuts with a live testimony – the first after a couple of appearances in video connection – at the Roman prison of Rebibbia where today and tomorrow will be acquired the main testimony of the resulting trial from the operation Montagna which has defeated the new district of Cosa Nostra which would have been entrusted to the thirty-nine year old Stefano Fragapane of which Quaranta himself would have been the right hand man.

In the capital, the president of the first criminal section of the Agrigento tribunal, Alfonso Malato, flew with the side judges Alessandro Quattrocchi and Giuseppa Zampino, the Palermo DDA prosecutor Alessia Sinatra and the defense lawyers Antonino Gaziano, Antonino Mormino, Daniela Posante, Giuseppe Barba, Carmelita Danile, Antonella Arcieri and Salvatore Maurizio Buggea.

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Forty, escorted by some men from the central protection service, arrived at around 9.40 am in room A, the semi-deserted and gigantic, of the Rebibbia prison. Dozens of cameras and reporters are next door, in the courtroom where the carabinieri are being held accused of the unintentional murder of Stefano Cucchi. The penitent sits and looks at everyone without any screen. His audition, "broken" by the lunch break, lasted almost seven hours.

"In 2014 I was put down for a series of misunderstandings – Quaranta said – and I decided to stand aside. I was asked to return, in the meantime I had relations with Antonio Massimino and Cesare Lombardozzi ”. The charismatic boss, who died in May 2017, according to Favara's former boss, would have asked him to return.

"I realized that was not the case," replied the repentant

"When I was taken out, I was afraid. With Cosa Nostra you're either in or out. Friends are always killing. I was more afraid when I was out than inside Cosa Nostra. When I was put down I was more afraid, the ones you betrayed are the ones you ate and made the extortion. Never third persons, I was afraid of being killed ".

The investigation also established alleged links with the policy and in particular with the administrative life of the small town of San Biagio Platani, whose municipality was dissolved due to infiltration of organized crime following the investigation. Santo Sabella, who has been the head of the town council several times, was arrested and then sent back for trial with the accusation of external competition in the Mafia association. In particular, he was challenged to have made an agreement with the country's chieftain Giuseppe Nugara who foresaw the most classic of favor exchanges. The boss would have guaranteed him electoral support for the 2014 administrative elections, in which he was elected, and the candidate for mayor would have made available contracts and jobs for those close to him.

Forty told of an agreement between Sabella and Nugara "to have Nugara's niece elected to the city council".

Sabella asked to release spontaneous statements and replied: "That woman was not Nugara's granddaughter and, in any case, the majority system provides a completely different mechanism from the one she described".

In this excerpt of the "Mountain" process, in addition to Sabella himself, there are five other defendants: Domenico Lombardo, 25, of Favara, Salvatore Montalbano, 25, of Favara, Calogero Principato, 26, of Agrigento, Giuseppe Scavetto, 49 years, by Casteltermini and Antonio Scorsone, 53 years of Favara.

The investigation also established a vast drug trafficking linked to the families of which Giuseppe Quaranta's son Calogero, who was sentenced in the shortened excerpt together with his father, was also a member.

Tomorrow we return to the classroom but the hearing, even in light of the acquisition of some minutes, will be faster and, in any case, will end by morning.

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