I saw Denise, but it wasn’t the truth: sentenced to a year and 8 months

The disappearance of little Denise Pipitone seems to have no end. Trials for true or false testimonies drag on in the courtrooms. Now, another chapter is added to the little girl’s disappearance on September 1, 2004, in front of her home in Mazara del Vallo. The Marsala Court convicted Giuseppina Butteri of slander for falsely claiming to have seen Denise Pipitone with a couple in Cupra Marittima. The judge sentenced Butteri to one year and eight months in prison, payment of legal fees, compensation for damages, and a provisional payment of 10,000 euros to the couple. This story was reported in the Trapani edition of the Giornale di Sicilia.

«Ho visto Denise», ma non era la verità: condannata a un anno e 8 mesi

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