“I love blues”, a CD by Salvo Valvo, is released. Made in Ragusa

The release of the first CD by Salvo Valvo, a doctor who has always been passionate about music who wanted to “tell” himself with this unprecedented musical effort, is expected with great trepidation in the musical circles of the province. The cd, “I love the blues” will be presented on August 1st at 8.30 pm at the “La Fenice” restaurant in Ragusa. The evening called “Taste in blues time”, sees an aperitif and live music in the presence of the same Salvo Valvo and all those who collaborated and contributed to the birth of this work. Curiosity led us to learn more about the author and everything that revolved around this CD which, among other things, makes use of well-known and esteemed local musical collaborations including Saretto Emmolo, esteemed guitarist of the “Picciotti di Vasco, as well as owner of a recording room, the “Rec Music”, Bart Portelli bass, Vincenzo Fontes keyboards, Giuseppe Carbonaro drums.

Back in time we will try to discover the birth of our author’s musical vocation.

Q- When did your passion for music start, given that as an esteemed psychiatrist which you are you have dedicated most of your time to specialist medicine?

R-The passion for music, as a retired psychiatrist and given my age, in a few days it will be 65 springs, has very distant origins. And I like to remind them toL with all the emotion that I carry on me .. It is with emotion, in fact, that I remember the beautiful voice of my mother who taught me to sing the songs of the time accompanying the accordion and made me perform in front of the his friends, and my maternal grandfather who delighted me at the mandolin. A few decades later I began to strum my first guitar and to be part of my first pop-rock group at the oratory of the Holy Family of Father Gregorio, with the first performances for a young audience with the first frustrations (I remember when in the middle of a performance he cut us off the power by asserting that we were making too much noise, leaving us on stage like fools. Then came the years of high school with the stereo of Selezione, listening to the rock pieces on the radio “Alto Gradimento” by Gianni Boncompagni and Renzo Arbore and the guitar on the beach. Finally, during my hard and totalizing medical studies, my guitar, next to the desk, gave me moments of relaxation and joy. For some years I began to devote myself first to studying the piano with Enrico Lacognata, of the electric guitar and the setting of the voice, thanks to my teachers Maurizio Diara, Emilio Assenza, Saretto Emmolo and Salvo Alderuccio and to appreciate the blues and jazz.

Q-Why blues as a favorite musical genre for this first cd?

A- The blues was born in the America of blacks exploited in the cotton fields, starting from these humble origins, the blues grew to become the most recorded form of popular music in the world, ending up strongly influencing, or even giving birth to, many of the styles of modern popular music. I started listening and playing songs by: JJ Cale, BB King, E. Clapton, G.Moore, J. Majer, R. Ciotti when I was growing up, and I was ecstatic. So it was that my teacher and friend Saretto Emmolo esteemed guitarist of “Picciotti di Vasco” as well as owner of a “Rec Music” recording room, proposed me to record a cover CD and thanks to his technical support and the collaboration of good musicians from the province: Saretto Emmolo guitars, Bart Portelli bass, Vincenzo Fontes keyboards, Giuseppe Carbonaro drums “I love the blues” was born. The disc was recorded entirely at the “Rec Music” and then mastered in Florence by the famous Tommy Bianchi, the graphic design was curated by Luca Campo of the “After Studio” in Milan and the photos were taken by the photographer Giuseppe Giordano from Ragusa .

Q- Why make a record at your age?

R- I’ll simply answer that it’s like writing an autobiographical book, like photographing a beautiful landscape and leaving a memory of a beautiful experience.

Q-Are there other musical projects in Salvo Valvo’s drawer?

A-The next project foresees the release of a new cd, already in the pipeline, of covers this time by Italian songwriters: Zucchero, De Gregori, De Andrè, PFM, Battisti, Cremonini and Vasco, historical songs revisited in a bluesy key, which I think it will come out in the fall.

Q-What does the release of this cd and the evening at the “Fenice” represent?

A- The date of August 1st with the official presentation was born from the desire to finally be able to have contact with the public, which we had been denied due to COVID. I found in friends and musicians such as Gianni Canzonieri and Enrico La Cognata, the help and the incentive to ask Mauro Malandrino for “Villa Carlotta” this evening and the Distefano brothers of the TD Car for a sponsorship and now I’m excited, not a little, to perform and entertain by moving all those who will come to listen to me

Paraphrasing a well-known TV broadcast from the 1960s, we would say that “it is never too late” to become famous and we wish it to our author with the release of his first cd made in Ragusa.

For reservations for the evening contact 0932604140

Giovannella Galliano

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