“I hope Orlando can prove his extraneousness to the facts”

“An investigation is never a crime, it is never a sentence, it is never a final sentence”. The president of the Regionem, Nello Musumeci, affirms the principle of the presumption of innocence by commenting, on the sidelines of a conference promoted by Confindustria in Naples, the investigation of the Palermo prosecutor’s office on the budgets of the Municipality. Among the suspects also the mayor Leoluca Orlando. “The president of the Region has absolutely no interest in commenting on this type of news, we must always have respect for the judiciary. I hope that he too – adds Musumeci -, like all the people involved in investigations, will soon prove his extraneousness to the facts disputed “.

“I am very guaranteed – he continues -, the judiciary is right to investigate. Do it at 360 degrees. I am convinced that we need to keep attention especially now that, with the Pnrr, criminal organizations will be able to raise their heads again because the mafia goes where there is money. But, if the institutions of the state are stronger than the mafia, and they can only be, I believe that criminals will find closed doors “.

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