Hunt for Hidden Treasure of Messina Denaro: Clans Already Planning Succession

The fight against the Mafia also involves the seizure of assets from the bosses. A large part of Messina Denaro’s family fortune has already been identified and seized. For example, supermarket chains were seized in the past. They are now working on identifying the remaining assets but haven’t been able to seize them because not all the frontmen have been identified. However, some assets have been found and can’t be revealed. The arrest of Messina Denaro is seen as a success and a turning point in Cosa Nostra. With his capture, the state has demonstrated its strength against the mafia. Eyes are now on the internal organization of Cosa Nostra as new figures may try to take Denaro’s place and there may be conflicts and repositioning within the organization.

Caccia al tesoro nascosto di Messina Denaro, De Lucia: i clan già pensano alla successione

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