hunger strike also in Messina

Hunger strike also in Messina to save the cannabis referendum. About a quarter of the electoral certificates requested from municipalities to validate and definitively certify the signatures on the cannabis referendum have not arrived and the referendum therefore risks “sabotage” according to the promoting committee, which warned the 1,400 defaulting administrations.

In one week, the minimum amount of subscriptions necessary for the filing of the question to the Supreme Court had been collected. The boom thanks to digital signatures. The threshold of 500,000 digital signatures has therefore been reached for some time, through Spid. But it doesn’t stop there. In fact, the digital signatures must be “coupled” with the electoral certificates to be sure that they are valid, that is, that whoever has signed has the right to an active electorate. The Committee – made up of Associazione Luca Coscioni, Meglio Legale, Forum Droghe, Società della Ragione, Antigone and the parties Europe, Possible and Italian Radicals – sent a request to have the electoral certificates of the signatories to all Italian municipalities via Pec. Only then will it be possible to deposit the signatures in the Supreme Court. And the deadline for the cannabis referendum is September 30th. At the moment. The Committee asks the Government for the exemption of 31 October as the deadline for the delivery of the certified signatures and they have addressed an appeal to the President of the Republic Mattarella to denounce what they consider a real discrimination. In Messina there are 47 municipalities in the province distrusted because they did not respond to the request to send certificates of registration to the electoral lists of people who signed for the cannabis referendum. (Alì, Basicò, Caprileone, Casalvecchio Siculo, Castel di Lucio, Castelmola, Castroreale, Cesarò, Falcone, Forza d’Agrò, Frazzanò, Furci Siculo, Furnari, Gaggi, Graniti, Itala, Leni, Letojanni, Limina, Lipari, Longi, Malfa, Malvagna, Mazzarrà Sant’Andrea, Merì, Militello Rosmarino, Mirto, Mistretta, Mojo Alcantara, Montalbano Elicona, Motta Camastra, Motta d’Affermo, Naso, Novara di Sicilia, Pace del Mela, Pagliara, Piraino, Roccafiorita, S. Marco D’Alunzio, S. Salvatore di Fitalia, S. Teodoro, Sant’Alessio Siculo, Savoca, Scaletta Zanclea, Spadafora, Terme Vigliatore, Venetico). Since midnight on Sunday 26 September, the organizing committee has been on hunger strike. Messina was joined by Palmira Mancuso, referent for Più Europa and the Luca Coscioni association, Federica Di Cara from Messina and Antonio Lo Re, referent of the committee in the Tyrrhenian province who will hold a press conference tomorrow Tuesday 28 September at 12 in Piazza Unione Europea in front of at Palazzo Zanca to take stock of the mobilization together with other members of the committee. On 28 September a national mobilization was called, with a garrison from 6 pm in front of the Government (and the Municipalities). “We trust in the intervention of President Mattarella, maximum Guarantor of the Constitution, to prevent a violation of the will of 600,000 citizens who have signed a referendum request to cancel some provisions of the anti-drug law 309/90 – declares Palmira Mancuso – We will not allow the bureaucracy to sabotage this referendum! “

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