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Hundreds of people marching on the anniversary of Vespers: “The oppression of the Sicilian people is not over”

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In March 1282 the Sicilians drove the Angevins out of Palermo.
The rebellion known as Sicilian Vespers, because it broke out at the time of Vespers on Easter Monday, put an end to years of abuse and violence by the French.
The spark of popular uprising was triggered by the disrespectful behavior of a French soldier, a noblewoman, Drouet (Droetto in Italian).

This glorious page of history for the Sicilian people was remembered this afternoon by hundreds of people, who took to the streets in Palermo on the occasion of the 740th anniversary of the Vespers revolution.
The event was organized by the separatists of Trinacria in collaboration with the Sicilian Movement of Action, Free Sicilians, Gran Sicilia, the Sicilian-Catalunya Cultural Association, Young Free Sicilians and the “Lu statutu” association.

They left at 3 pm from Piazza Croce dei Vespri, crossed the streets of the historic center, until reaching Piazza Verdi, in front of the Teatro Massimo, where there were interventions on the microphone and the reading of “Parru cu tia”, a poem by Ignazio Buttitta, recited in the square by the homonymous nephew and professor at the University of Palermo.

Drums, Vespers flags, banners and choirs accompanied the march, called the Sicilian pride.
“In the days following the Vespers, the federation of Municipalities, united in the Communitas Siciliae, abolished the absolutist monarchy and instituted a system of self-government.
The struggle for liberation from colonial rule and the creation of new institutional forms of government: these are the principles of Vespers.
which seem more relevant than ever and to claim them we are still taking to the streets today “, says Tiziana Albanese, independence supporters of Trinacria.

April 3 is also the day on which the Vespers flag was born, which later became the symbol of Sicily.
The first revolutionary nuclei were formed in Palermo and Corleone, from this first cell of municipal federation the flag was born, which in fact bears the red and yellow colors of the two cities.

“If the memory of the Vespers is still alive today – underlines Albanese – it means that the oppression of the Sicilian people is not over, that exploitation, misery, emigration, environmental, health, cultural and other catastrophe are still unbearable.
last, the military occupation.
The oppressors have changed, of course, but the territorial and human devastation continues unstoppable, the crisis in the world of work and essential services worsens with each passing day, the deaths from pollution, medical malpractice, geological instability have not stopped afflicting.
Vespers is a promise of transformation of the present, the way out of colonial oppression and the greed of multinational capital.
A new Vespers is possible when Sicilians, proud of their history, will return to fight together for self-determination “.