Hot Weather’s Grip on Sicily: Temperatures reaching 40°C, cooler days ahead starting Tuesday

Today is expected to be the hottest day in Sicily during the third wave of this summer in 2023, with temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees Celsius in some areas. Relief from the heat is anticipated tomorrow evening with a significant drop in temperatures, accompanied by strong western winds and rough seas from Tuesday onwards. A disturbance from the North Atlantic is expected to bring rain and thunderstorms to central and southern Italy, with a lesser impact on Sicily. The arrival of the cyclone Poppea is also anticipated, with a potential tropical character due to the warm Italian sea. Temperatures could drop by 15-17 degrees Celsius, resulting in a reversal of temperatures in the north and partly affecting regions such as Campania, Puglia, and Sardinia, where heavy rain, strong storms, and high winds are expected. Snow may also fall on the eastern Alps at around 2,000 meters. In Sicily, temperatures will only start to decrease on Tuesday. Lastly, it is still too early to tell, but there is a possibility of hot weather returning around the weekend of September 3rd.

La morsa del caldo non abbandona la Sicilia: punte di 40 gradi ma da martedì temperature in calo

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