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Hospitalized at the Burns Center of the Civic of Palermo, the wounded in the fire – Trapani Today

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Discovered the cause

The three people were hospitalized in the major burns department of the Civico di Palermo: Mrs.
Bartolomea Angileri Erice, and the children Vito Salvatore and Pietro Erice, who were injured in the fire that developed in the kitchen of their home in via Giannitrapani in the Rione Cappucinelli.

The transfer was arranged by the doctors of the emergency room of Sant’Antonio Abate of Trapani considering the serious burns reported by the three, especially by the woman, who at the time of the explosion that hit her was in the kitchen, intent on preparing lunch.

At that moment with her also two other children.
A third daughter, her father, and two grandchildren who were playing on the mezzanine fortunately escaped the fire because they were absent at the time of the explosion.

The flames started from a covered veranda used as the kitchen of the apartment.
When the firefighters arrived on the scene, the house had already been completely filled with smoke.
The flames had easy escape in the cover of the kitchen compartment made with wooden beams and slats, pvc panels.

The flames also attacked furniture and wall units, furnishings, appliances and household goods.
The Fire Brigade confirmed that the explosion was caused by an accidental leak of methane gas.
The Carabinieri of the Trapani Company, the Police and Italgas technicians intervened on the spot, as well as the 118 rescuers with two ambulances.

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